First Secondary Excursion of the academic year to Greece: A Cultural Odyssey

First Secondary Excursion of the academic year to Greece: A Cultural Odyssey

Immersive Journey Unfolds Rich Tapestry of Greek History and Culture


The Aquila School's first secondary excursion to Greece has provided unforgettable memories for our pupils as they immersed themselves in the rich ancient history and vibrant culture of the country. From the bustling streets of Athens to the historic sites and culinary delights, our pupils learnt so much about the Greek heritage.


One of the notable visits included a stop at one of Greece's oldest mosques, providing a unique perspective on the diverse cultural influences that have shaped the country over centuries. 


In addition to the iconic landmarks, our pupils explored the architectural heritage of ancient Greek theaters. Putting the remarkable acoustics to the test, they learned about the purposeful design of the theaters and the application of the golden ratio—a mathematical concept pioneered by both Greek and Arab scholars.


At The Aquila School, we firmly believe in extending learning beyond the classroom. This educational ethos is designed to encourage cross-cultural understanding and foster open-mindedness among our pupils. The success of this inaugural excursion underscores our commitment to providing diverse and enriching experiences that go beyond traditional academic boundaries.


The pupils' engagement with the history, architecture, and cultural treasures of Greece has not only broadened their perspectives but also enriched their understanding of the wider world..The Aquila School remains dedicated to creating opportunities for experiential learning that inspire curiosity, promote cultural appreciation, and instill a lifelong love for learning We look forward to the many more trips our students will take this year.