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Financial Literacy

To develop the physical, intellectual and emotional well-being of our pupils

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education

Financial literacy is the ability to manage your money effectively. It is an essential skill for everyone, but it is especially important for young people. At The Aquila School, we believe that financial literacy is an important part of a well-rounded education. That's why we offer a comprehensive financial literacy program for our pupils.

Our financial literacy program teaches pupils about budgeting, saving, investing, loans and credit cards. We also teach pupils about the importance of financial responsibility and the dangers of debt.

Developing Financial Smarts

Our Program for Teaching Pupils Wise Money Management

Our financial literacy program is taught by our teachers who are passionate about helping pupils learn how to manage their money wisely. We use a variety of teaching methods, discussions, and activities. We also offer pupils the opportunity to participate in our Bird Cage event, which is a Dragon's Den-style competition where pupils can pitch their business ideas to investors.

To develop the physical, intellectual and emotional well-being of our pupils

The benefits of financial literacy are numerous. Financially literate pupils are better equipped to make sound financial decisions, such as how to save money, invest their money, and pay off debt. They are also less likely to experience financial problems in the future.


If you are looking for a school that is committed to helping your child develop financial literacy, then The Aquila School is the right choice for you. We offer a financial literacy program that will teach your child the skills they need to manage their money wisely and achieve their financial goals.

Bird Cage

The Aquila School is proud to host the 'Bird Cage' - an initiative which is a Dragon's Den meets Shark Tank-style competition where pupils can pitch their business ideas to our Aquila Parrots. This event is a great opportunity for pupils to develop their financial literacy skills and to learn how to present their ideas to potential investors.

The Bird Cage event is also a great way for pupils to network with other pupil entrepreneurs. If you are a pupil who is interested in business or entrepreneurship, then we encourage you to participate in the Bird Cage event.

Recent pitches that won investments from our Parrots include a sustainable clothing website, key chains and a book cart.