Assessments & Examinations

In our Sixth Form (years 12 and 13), we believe that every pupil deserves the best possible pathway for their future.

Our curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire pupils, while also providing them with the platform to enter university or the world of work.

EYFS and Primary

In primary FS , teachers look very carefully at what the children can do now to help them plan what needs to be learnt next.

This is called Assessment for Learning and ensures that lessons are timely and relevant to individual needs.  These judgements are carefully reviewed against the curriculum standards and monitored carefully to ensure consistency and to ensure that pupils are making as much progress as possible.

For younger children we firmly believe that it is what the pupils can do and how they show their learning on a day to day basis is far more real and relevant than regular testing - very often tests in primary school are simply about memory and not how learning can be demonstrated as it is in a range of class tasks.

Secondary and Sixth Form

We use assessments throughout the secondary and sixth form to help inform our curriculum, lesson plans and revision.

Pupils sit formal assessments in their core subjects twice a year. This helps to prepare them for working in examination conditions and to learn how to adapt to the pressures that are placed on them at the end of year 11 and 13. Non-core subjects undertake less formal assessments in the classroom. At the end of year 10 and 12 pupils sit assessments in the hall, along with their mock and real examinations in year 11 and 12.

Our inclusion team works with pupils from year 7 upwards to review exam access arrangements and accommodations to ensure that every child is able to produce work to the best of their ability.

External Assessments

Each year pupils undertake a cognitive ability test (CAT4), Progress Tests (PT) in English, mathematics and science, a reading assessment (NGRT) and a Pupils Attitudes to Self and School (PASS) survey. These are all required by our local regulator.

In addition, certain year groups are also required to undertake international benchmarking assessments. Such as:

Year 5


Year 8


Aged 15


These assessments are used to help the local regulator and school review the curriculum and compare how our pupils perform on an international playing-field.

Individual results from these assessments are not shared with families.

External Examinations

  • Pupils undertake external examinations in Year 11 and Year 13 - depending on their courses and pathways.
  • All pupils study until the end of Year 13 - you cannot sit examinations early at the end of Year 12.