Kanzy El Defrawy – Reminding our Students That Hard Work Pays Off

Kanzy El Defrawy – Reminding our Students That Hard Work Pays Off

We recently welcomed Kanzy El Defrawy back to The Aquila School, to inspire and empower our secondary pupils. Kanzy previously adjudicated our Guinness World Record attempt for the ‘Most Nationalities in a History Lesson’, back in October 2021.

This time her visit focused on something else. The theme of her presentation was ‘How to unmask your potential and become a winner’. This was influenced by Kanzy’s captivating sporting journey. From a young age, Kanzy El Defrawy was a pioneer in the sporting world, ranking number 1 in the USA and 26th globally as a professional squash player. She brought her story to life for our secondary pupils at The Aquila School.

Using her story, she demonstrated the struggles she faced as a young professional athlete – battling and overcoming several major injuries, to become the world-renowned squash coach and program developer she is today.

This was truly a motivational and enjoyable presentation that combined the difficulties faced of being an international athlete, with the successes of a budding entrepreneur. Kanzy offered our pupils a glimpse of what hard work looks like, and how determination and grit can open up new roads and opportunities.” – Mr Benjamin Atkins, Head of Secondary.

Kanzy El Defrawy has been a pioneer in developing skills and life-changing opportunities for communities through her very own squash academy ‘The Flying Daf’, here in Dubai. As an advocate for inclusivity, Kanzy developed ‘The Flying Daf’ academy, to train individuals of all levels, ages and backgrounds.

I have never heard about squash before, but she made it sound fun and really inspiring. After hearing her story, I feel like I can achieve anything.” – Lara, year 8 Practitioners.