It’s not too late…

It’s not too late…

As the start of the new academic year approaches, here is a little reminder that it’s never too late to pick up a book. If you want to support your child’s learning and boost their confidence in school, here’s how a little extra reading can help, especially in Secondary…

At The Aquila School, we know reading can be life-changing. Not only does it give your child the skills and tools they need to achieve academic success, but it also helps to improve their confidence and shape the way they see the world.

Studies have repeatedly shown that extra-curricular reading can greatly improve a child’s achievements in school. In the recent UK report ‘Why reading is key to GCSE success’, there is a direct connection between reading ability and success in all GCSE subjects, and the link between good reading and good grades is actually higher in Maths than in some arts subjects, such as English.

If your child starts to explore different reading materials, they will be increasing their independence and taking ownership of their own learning. This is a fantastic way to prepare for exams without overwhelming your child, as they are boosting their own confidence and practising independent study. It will also improve their reading confidence for the exams themselves, as in the last four years, GCSEs have become more demanding with wordier questions.

Beyond the obvious academic benefits, extra-curricular reading can nurture communication skills that will be vital for further education and future employment. In the period between 11 and 13 years old, your child will be undergoing a significant cognitive development, where they’ll start to understand language as a complex tool. Reading is pure brainfood for this development and helps your child to navigate the world around them through words. Find out more about the positive neurological impact of reading on Scholastic.

At The Aquila School, we want our pupils to have an amazing learning experience, both in school and out of it. That’s why we’re supporting parents to help their children get into the habit of reading regularly. Whilst it may have been tempting to take a break over the holidays, it’s vital to demonstrate how important, fun, and valuable reading can be.

We know reading is key to academic success and building life skills, but it is also one of the best ways to inspire creativity and nurture wellbeing. A child’s perception of reading as a fun activity will carry into their adult life, and as a Bookseller report states, adults who read for 30 minutes a week are 20% more likely to report greater life satisfaction than those who do not.

So let’s spark your child’s imagination and help them thrive with our top three recommendations:

  • A Wrinkle In Time, by Madeleine L’Engle (Science Fiction)
  • Simone Breaks All the Rules, by Debbie Rigaud (Young Adult)
  • You Are A Champion, by Marcus Rashford (Autobiography)

Of course, your child doesn’t have to just read in English. We actively encourage and recommend that our pupils read in both their native language and in English, so they’re practicing both skills.

Whatever language or genre they’re exploring, if they’re reading, they’re learning!

If you need any further help with finding a book to spark your child’s interest, our teachers have been sharing their recommendations on our Instagram page.

Benjamin Atkins, Head of Secondary