ISP Big Read – Connecting the world through the love of reading

ISP Big Read – Connecting the world through the love of reading

Throughout March, ISP pupils around the world came together to celebrate their love of reading in the ISP Big Read. At The Aquila School, because we instil a love of reading from day one and give our pupils access to three libraries, reading challenges and extended reading initiatives throughout the year, we were very happy to take part in this initiative.

The ISP Big Read was launched to support ISP pupils accelerate their reading skills, write stories and participate in a variety of narrative-based activities in the classroom and beyond. Open to children aged 5 years to 11 years old, the ISP Big Read brought authors and pupils together from all around the globe. The team behind the ISP Big Read organised exclusive ‘meet the author’ webinars for pupils to gain an insight into the mind of well-known children’s writers. At The Aquila School, we are proud to have our very own author, Mr Charlie Crisp, who recently published his first children’s book ‘Decision Street’.

‘Decision Street’ is a book aimed primarily at children below 8 years old and encourages the reader to make decisions for different scenarios; therefore, it is down to the reader to ensure they make good choices. With the launch of the ISP Big Read, Mr Charlie was approached to conduct his first virtual webinar, with pupils all around the world.

“It was a pleasure to be involved in the first ISP Big Read initiative. Bringing a love of reading to all ages is why I started my author journey. It was really lovely to see so many engaged children, making the right choices, whilst reading Decision Street along with me. I look forward to participating in any future ISP reading initiatives”, said Mr Crisp.

His session had pupils from Spain, Malaysia and the UAE attend. You can view his webinar here.