Emirates Environmental Group Visits The Aquila School

Emirates Environmental Group Visits The Aquila School

The Aquila School had the pleasure of welcoming Mrs. Habiba Hassan Sultan Al Mar’ashi – co-founder and Chairperson of Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) to the school, to speak to our secondary pupils. With sustainability being an ever-growing focus in the UAE, The Aquila School arranged for Mrs. Habiba Hassan Sultan Al Mar’ashi to visit the school, to inspire our pupils on how they can make a difference to the environment.

Mrs. Habiba Hassan Sultan Al Mar’ashi described how EEG became the organisation it is today – from a small start-up with no external funding, to the highly accredited organisation that we currently see recognised around the world. EEG is the first environmental non-government organisation (NGO) in the world to be ISO 14001 certified and the first organisation in the UAE with accredited status to the United Nations Convention to Combating Desertification (UNCCD) and the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP).  Mrs. Habiba Hassan Sultan Al Mar’ashi, spoke about these achievements and recognition and empowered our pupils, that great achievements come from hard work and an investment in time.

“We are so fortunate to be able to welcome inspirational individuals to The Aquila School to enrich learning experiences for our children”. – Mr. Wayne Howsen, Principal.

Our pupils learned about all of the exciting initiatives EEG has pioneered within the UAE, such as; the can collection campaign, the green call project and clean-up UAE. Our pupils were surprised to hear that unwanted phones and technology can be recycled to make new ones! Sustainability is key to the success of the planet. Our pupils were left inspired, by how they can help our planet – whether it be through the Emirates Environmental Group projects and campaigns, or through small changes they can make at home.

At The Aquila School, we teach our children how they can make a difference to ensure the success of our planet. Did you know, that at The Aquila School, all of our secondary blazers are made from recycled plastic bottles? We also grow our own sustainable produce in our Hydroponics farm, we encourage the use of reusable water bottles and we have recycling bins located around our school. Together we can make a difference.