The Aquila School bags 'Secondary Team of the Year' Title at Education Excellence Awards 2023

The Aquila School bags 'Secondary Team of the Year' Title at Education Excellence Awards 2023

Recognizing Excellence in Education and Beyond

In a resounding triumph, The Aquila School has been awarded the prestigious title of 'Secondary Team of the Year' at the Education Excellence Awards 2023, outshining other well-established secondary teams across Dubai. The recognition underscores the school's commitment to providing unparalleled opportunities for its pupils, both within and beyond the classroom.

The judging panel commended The Aquila School for its exceptional offerings, highlighting the numerous opportunities available to pupils that surpass expectations for a school of its age and size.  


“This award is a testament to our school's unwavering dedication to holistic education, providing a well-rounded experience for every child. The Secondary Team's achievements this term exemplify their dedication to excellence. Pupils have not only excelled in classroom activities but have also clinched victories in a diverse range of competitions. From the BSME debate competition to the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust's Senior Challenge, Model United Nations events, exhilarating football and basketball matches, to a memorable trip to Greece and successful swimming galas, The Aquila School's Secondary Team has showcased its prowess in various arenas,” said our Principal, Wayne Howsen.


The 'Secondary Team of the Year' award reflects the culmination of the team's hard work, commitment, and outstanding achievements throughout the year. The school was shortlisted in an impressive total of six categories, further emphasising its standing as a school dedicated to excellence in education.


There were also individual accolades earned, Ms. Mary Rose Connolly received a highly commended recognition for 'English Teacher of the Year,' highlighting the commitment and passion of the teaching staff. Additionally, Ms. Thyra, the school's super science lab technician, received the 'School Unsung Hero Award,' acknowledging her invaluable contributions to the school community.


We are immensely proud of these achievements and remain dedicated to fostering an environment that focuses on Safe Happy Learning.. As we continue to inspire and empower our pupils, we look forward to further successes and accolades in the years to come.


Congratulations to The Aquila School's Secondary Team for this well-deserved recognition at the Education Excellence Awards 2023! We are so happy to be thought of as one of the best Secondary Schools in Dubai.