Celebrating our recitation skills

Celebrating our recitation skills

As an ISP School we are committed to the communities we are a part of, and also strive to ensure our pupils have chances to experience learning outside of the classroom while connecting with other ISP pupils around the world.  

As a part of Ramadan this year, our school had the opportunity to be a part of the first ISP Holy Quran Competition. This competition gave pupils from all ISP schools in the Middle East, the opportunity to test their Quran recitation skills against each other. This opportunity was open to pupils in year two and above, who speak Arabic as a first or additional language. 

“We take our responsibility to promote the Arabic language for all of our pupils and the importance of the Muslim faith for our Islamic pupils. It is humbling to see how diligently they had learnt the different Surah’s showing their commitment and determination – and of course showing how important their belief is to their daily lives. This is something we value and celebrate.” – Wayne Howsen, Principal. 

 We are delighted to share that four of our children won prizes for their recitation skills out of a collective 600 initial applications for the competition. Congratulations to Abdulrahman in year four, Mohammed in year 7 and Abdel Rahman and Syed in year eight.    

  Congratulations to all of you. 

Other ISP schools in the UAE and Qatar include: Aspen Heights British School and Reach British School in Abu Dhabi,and Nibras International School in Dubai, and Park House English School and The Hamilton International School in Doha.