We have built a school in Nepal!

We have built a school in Nepal!

Throughout the first term of the 2022/23 academic year, The Aquila School began an initiative to give children in Nepal access to education. In partnership with Dubai Cares, The Aquila School community came together to raise AED 170,000 in under four months!

As a school we continuously encourage our children and families to get involved with events and activities that run throughout the year – especially those that involve bringing our entire community together. It was through these events that most of the money was collected.

To start off the year, our children took on the challenge of climbing Mount Everest! They raised money and successfully climbed over 323,968 steps collectively – 5.5 times the height of Mount Everest!

To raise even more money, our children took to the floor to build towers of coins and trails of notes! Our children came up with some fantastic designs, using Dubai skylines and iconic buildings for inspiration.

Following on from our towers and trails, our children came to school in their festive outfits and even conducted their own bake sales. Not far off the mark, we only had one evening to go! Our term ended on a high with our Winter Souq and Movie Night. Families gathered for an afternoon of fun, entertainment, food and activities before relaxing in front of the big screen to watch Home Alone.

We are proud to say that our community really are AMAZING! We managed to raise an incredible AED 170,000 to build a school in Nepal, where over 90 children will receive an education and teachers will receive adequate training for their profession.

We can’t wait to see how the school looks when it is built.