AquExpo: Our students host their own Expo

AquExpo: Our students host their own Expo

All our children at The Aquila school were so inspired by their recent school visits to Expo 2020, that they created their own  Expo – ‘Aquexpo’.

‘Aquexpo’, took recently, giving pupils the opportunity to display their Expo 2020 inspired learning. Pupils were encouraged to be as creative as possible, using the Expo 2020 themes of Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity, as the basis for their exhibitions. At our school, we provide engaging and meaningful lessons, and we regularly host whole school learning weeks – designed to encourage and promote school connectedness amongst pupils of all ages.

Wayne Howsen, Principal of The Aquila School said; “We know that the Expo is a world-class event and we wanted to use this as a chance to maximise the learning opportunities Expo 2020 has to offer. Part of the vision for our school is for our pupils to engage in meaningful learning experiences that help children make as much progress as possible. Making links between different areas of learning gives meaning and relevance to our pupils and this is why during the school year we have a number of themed weeks.”

At ‘Aquexpo’, the pupils’ passion for sustainability shone through. We had displays and presentations about sustainable solutions to vehicle pollution, solar-powered cars, futuristic developments in transportation, sustainable fashion resources, and re-useable water bottle solutions.

“It was lovely to see the children so enthused, showing their innovation and understanding of a world that is yet to come,” concluded Wayne Howsen.