Inclusion and Learning Support | The Aquila School Dubai


Inclusion is core to everything that we provide at The Aquila School. We welcome pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (pupils of determination). We endeavor to ensure all our pupils receive an inclusive education, where every effort is made to reduce barriers to learning to ensure equitable access to appropriate provision, resources, and curriculum options.  

At The Aquila School, our teachers work tirelessly to ensure all children make as much progress as possible and that the activities the children take part in are matched to their ability level. For children who excel in a particular subject or area, our teachers ensure they are challenged and have access to a variety of provisions so they can continue with their passion. Our teachers personalise the curriculum for the needs of the individual children in their class.  

Our specialist inclusion team – made up of teachers and learning support assistants, work to provide evidence-based interventions and model good practice to ensure every member of staff provides inclusive practice, that makes a positive difference to all children. They ensure pupils benefit from personalised programmes to enable the best possible progress, working collaboratively with parents and outside agencies.  

The Head of Inclusion in our school is Mrs. Hitchings. She can be contacted at The school policy on inclusion can be found here and the admissions policy can be found here. 

In addition to the graduated approach of quality first teaching, through Level 1, 2 and 3 support, The Aquila School works in consolidation with the Hemam Learning Support Center where we aim to support pupils who have significant needs and challenges to be included in a mainstream school environment and education. We work in partnership with the Hemam center who provide tailor made provision for pupils to receive specialised therapies and personalised programmes within school. The children work part-time within the mainstream classroom and receive therapy with an individual ABA therapist as well as Speech and Language and Occupational Therapists in school. 

We have world class facilities and resources to further inclusive practice across the school.   

Aims of SEND provision at The Aquila School  

At The Aquila School pupils with additional educational needs are the responsibility of all, our staff are fully informed of pupils’ needs and receive regular training to ensure inclusion for all.  

  • We identify new students with possible barriers to learning as early as possible, promoting early intervention  
  • We use processes to continually assess, plan, do and review individuals 
  • We ensure Level 3 pupils of determination have Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) with SMART targets and goals 
  • We write detailed Learner Profiles for every child on the inclusion register to ensure all the best strategies to support a pupil are consistently used. 
  • We foster effective regular communication between staff/ parents/ carers and external professional agencies  
  • Parents of students with SEND are kept fully informed on their child’s progress and interventions to support  
  • We embrace a range of different learning styles and accommodations to reduce barriers to learning 
  • We have a team of Inclusion teachers and Learning Support Assistants within the inclusion department who work with our class and subject teachers to provide effective interventions 
  • Where a pupil requires 1:1 support the Individual Learning Support Assistants (ILSA) are line managed by the Head of Inclusion  

In 2021, The Aquila School has been recognised for its contribution to inclusive education – receiving the SENDIA award in recognition of our effective and inclusive provision for children with special educational needs and pupils of determination.

Our Inclusion Statement

This is our promise to how all the inclusion professionals we treat pupils and their families at the Aquila School.

We promise to be honest with you.
We will tell you what we can and cannot do to support you.
We will let you know what is happening.

We promise to try and give you the right support.
If we do not get your support right the first time, we will endeavour to understand what went wrong.
We will learn from our experiences to make things better.

We promise to have the skills to do our job well.
If we do not have the right knowledge we will know who the right person is to help.

We promise to work together with other organisations to support you.
We will provide you with advice on where to seek advice.

We promise to listen to what is important to you and your family.
We will use your views and ideas to guide and decide how to help you achieve your goals.

We promise to talk about your strengths and abilities.
We will look at what works well and what is going well so we can build on these.

We promise to talk to you clearly and in a way you choose such as face-to-face, online or telephone.
We will ask you how you like us to share information.

We promise to work well with you to find the best way to meet your needs.
We will be creative and open to different ways to support you.