Fees Structure | The Aquila School


The Aquila School opened in Dubailand in September 2018 and is now taking admissions for FS1 to Year 10 for the 2022/23 academic year.

The school will continue to grow each new academic year to eventually become an all-through school to Year 13, offering A-Levels and BTEC. We understand the importance of finding the right school, and we do all we can to offer a premium education at an affordable price.

Multi-year Discount Scheme

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new multi-year discount scheme which would apply to all families for the next three academic years, coming into effect from September 2022.

Discount for 2022/2023 academic year – 15% off KHDA approved fees

Discount for 2023/2024 academic year – 10% off KHDA approved fees

Discount for 2024/2025 academic year – 5% off KHDA approved fees

Sibling Discounts:
We recognise the importance of siblings attending the same school and are pleased to offer generous sibling discounts for second and subsequent children. Call our Admissions team on +971 (0) 4 586 2700 for more details.

Corporate Discounts:
The Aquila School offers corporate discounts to the following companies.

       Orange Tree Nursery Dubai on Twitter: "Emirates Platinum Card  #emiratesplatinumcard https://t.co/IHfLoRfo0X" / Twitter

Should your company not be listed and you would like to avail a corporate discount with The Aquila School, please contact our Admissions team at admissions@theaquilaschool.com.

*2023-2024 fees subject to change pending KHDA approvals.

Academic Year
Academic Year
Academic Year
Year GroupKHDA Approved
Fees including
15% discount off
KHDA fees
Fees including
10% discount off
KHDA fees
Fees including
5% discount off
KHDA fees
Year 150,00042,50045,00047,500
Year 250,00042,50045,00047,500
Year 352,00044,20046,80049,400
Year 452,00044,20046,80049,400
Year 555,00046,75049,50052,250
Year 655,00046,75049,50052,250
Year 760,00051,00054,00057,000
Year 860,00051,00054,00057,000
Year 966,00056,10059,40062,700
Year 1066,00056,10059,40062,700
Year 11*66,00056,10059,400*62,700*
Year 12**72,000--68,400**
Year 13**72,000---

*Year 11 opening in 2023, subject to KHDA approval.

**Year 12 & 13 opening subject to KHDA approval.

The discount scheme above cannot be combined with any corporate offer. Sibling discounts still apply.

As per KHDA guidelines, our annual tuition fees are split into termly payments equivalent to:

  • Term 1: 40% of the annual tuition amount
  • Term 2: 30% of the annual tuition amount
  • Term 3: 30% of the annual tuition amount

In order to support families, we also offer monthly instalments of the annual tuition amount.

Recommend Us To Your Friends

At The Aquila School, we recognise that parents and friends are the best ambassadors for our unique style of learning and community-minded environment. To support this, we are rewarding all enrolled families with 1000 AED towards your child’s tuition fees if you refer a friend to join The Aquila School.

Registration Fee

The registration fee of 2,000 AED should be paid within 7 days of the offer being made to confirm your child’s place in the school. It is non-refundable but is deductible from the first term’s tuition fee.

Tuition fee payments are due in three instalments:

Term 1: due 15th August

Term 2: due 15th December

Term 3: due 15th March

The published fees do not include transportation, cafeteria services or school uniform costs.