As well as a focus on academic achievement and outstanding progress, we will encourage our children to be inquisitive and creative and to make their own learning choices. Meaningful enquiry-based learning will be at the fore.

Your child will be inspired by our exciting and creative STEAM curriculum, which is based on the National Curriculum for England (NCE), combining science, maths, technology and the arts.

This curriculum encourages children to direct their own learning through collaborative group problem solving. This enables them to apply their skills and knowledge in a meaningful context, facilitating the development of essential critical thinking and communication skills.

Opportunities to understand and celebrate the culture and heritage of the UAE and the diversity of our local community will be integrated into the curriculum, and we will also focus on design and technology – children will make things, take things apart, and discover how things work!

Learning will be authentic. We will follow a concept and inquiry-based learning approach, relying less on textbooks and worksheets, to ensure maximum engagement in practical learning. Engaged learning means children are actively learning through a lesson – independently and collaborating – having maximum choice in the activities they do.