Academic Calendar| The Aquila International School Dubai


DATEEVENT AY 2021/2022
3rd January 2022First day of term 2
14th – 18th February 2022School closed for children - half term break
25th March 2022Term 2 ends
11th April 2022First day of term 3
8th July 2022Term 3 ends

Monday the 29th of August is expected to be the first day of the new academic year 2022-2023. This has not been confirmed yet.

Please note that the school week in the UAE will be changing from January 2022. Schools in the UAE will be following a Monday to Friday school week with a half-day on Fridays. Further updates are expected from the local regulator and families will be updated in relation to school timings via the school app once confirmed.

*Our calendar has been approved by the local regulatory body but please be aware that changes can still be made at the last minute.

**Other public holidays will be as announced by the regulatory authority.