Upcoming Events


The Aquila School welcomes you to meet the Senior leadership team personally, and for families to join our regular information sessions to see what makes The Aquila School so unique.

Meet our Senior Leadership team online!

Register for one of our virtual open days to meet with our leadership team to discuss early years right through to secondary.

Personal Appointments

If you would prefer to meet with one of our senior leaders by appointment, you are welcome to contact our admissions team and we will schedule a time that suits you.

We know how busy family life can be, so we are happy to meet on weekends and evenings to make it easier for you.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school and to join in our learning community.

Family Learning at The Aquila School 

At The Aquila School we value working closely with families to support pupil learning.
Therefore throughout the year we arrange a number of workshops to keep families informed of our approach to learning and teaching, so that families can support their child at home.

Examples of workshops we have run in the past include:

  • Helping your child with maths in FS
  • How to support reading at home – Y1-2
  • How computers and tablets can be used to support what the children learn in school – Y7
  • Helping my child with Arabic Native Y4, Y5, Y6, Y7.

Aquila parents, please refer to the school app for dates and times of the workshops.
Prospective parents please click here for further information:  https://www.theaquilaschool.com/enquire-now/