Uniform finalised

Several months ago Kylie and I were tasked with designing the school uniform for The Aquila School. This has been an exciting and interesting learning experience for us as there are so many factors to consider.

The first was suitability. At The Aquila School, we are focused on providing children with amazing learning experiences and for ensuring that children are actively engaged in learning throughout the lesson. For us, this means that the children need to wear clothes that are comfortable and suitable for being active – so ties and blazers were a definite no-no.

The second was the materials used. As it is hot most of the year we needed to select materials that are right for the climate we are living in – as well as being hard-wearing, affordable and easy to maintain.

The third thing we had to think about was the design – we wanted a uniform that children would want to wear with pride showing a sense of belonging to the Aquila community.

Finally – we had to think carefully about the colours – something different from other schools and something that fits in well with the design and overall colour palette of the school.

After months of working with the UK uniform company Trutex, we really are delighted with the results. We believe our simple uniform – a light blue polo short for FS children and a loose fitting white shirt for older children – with sand coloured short trousers or a skort – will please children and families, look smart and be totally appropriate for the work children will be doing.

Originally, we wanted to have brown shoes to create a Mediterranean feel – but – as these are so hard to find and to avoid making life more difficult for families we have settles in plain and practical simple black shoes!

 Here are some pictures of the final uniform designs – we are delighted with the results!