This weekend, The Aquila School

This weekend, The Aquila School – alongside many other schools and nurseries in Dubai – attended the Schools and Nursery Show at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel to promote our school to prospective families.

Driving home, I thought about how daunting making such a selection must be for families. There are so many decisions to be made – what curriculum, the location, the fees, the facilities on offer, the background of the teachers and transport options – and that is before we get onto times of the school day, teaching styles, homework, exam options and the range of extra curriculum activities. Some schools rely upon their reputation while others rely upon the brand – while some highlight a particular focus such as sustainability.

All of these things are important – but also can detract from the bigger picture.

Having spoken to over 150 families at the weekend – it is clear that there are three common things that families ask – and ultimately – that is what matters.

These are:

  • Will my child be safe, happy and well cared for?
  • Will they make great progress with their learning and learn new things (as I am in the picture!)
  • Will communication between the school be open and clear?

So – for families who are overwhelmed by the wealth of information they have – I advise them to stick to these three simple questions. For families joining The Aquila School – there is no need to ask – this is part of our Aquila Promise.