Although The Aquila School has been open only a short while, we’ve already had some wonderful feedback from some of our valued parents.

When we heard about the child-centred approach to learning at Aquila and that Mr Howsen and Mrs Cleworth are leading the school and its amazing team of colleagues, there was only one choice for us. Our children will be happy, safe and inspired every day and there is nothing more important, than these aspects of a quality education, to us as parents.

Dr Tim Hughes

Principal of an outstanding 3-18 school

We are thrilled with how quickly our children have happily settled at The Aquila school, and love how they can’t wait to tell us about their day of amazing learning!

Kirsty Reeves

Mother of two children, the very first family to sign up!

I had a great visit to The Aquila School this morning. Even in the little bit of the school that I could see it is clear that this is going to bring a fresh and bright perspective to education in Dubai. It was a pleasure to meet Wayne and hear about his philosophy on education – refreshingly simple and clear and inclusive of all.

Fiona Mckenzie

Director, Gabbitas Middle East

The school offers – a deeply engaging leadership team, great teaching and support staff, fantastic facilities… I could go on and on.

It was a big bet moving our children from a top ranked, well established school in Dubai to a brand new school. Aquila has delivered against that bet in troves. Our children are thriving in the learning experiences the school offers.

There is always something fantastic going on or coming up for the children (and parents) to look forward to which keeps them engaged and motivated.

It is with such enthusiasm that the children share with us all they are learning. Their achievements are recognised too which gives them a confidence boost.

The school has such a fresh, light, happy feel about it. The energy is uplifting!

Moving our children to The Aquila School has changed our lives, we were assured that the children would love school and they absolutely do.

He really likes it and thinks it is unique, unlike any school I’ve been to or heard of. The best thing is the creativity that we are involved in.

Great range of trips and interesting class activities, our son does not want to miss school. Communication is very good and wide range of community activities. Superb ethos and atmosphere.

Keeping new experiences coming is really helpful in keeping my children happy and wanting to go to school. Clearly the method of teaching they find interesting. The incentives and acknowledgements of achievements big or small make them feel proud and motivate them.

My child comes home from school every day happy and tells us new things he has learned. I would say that is a win for the school.