Strategic Governance Group | The Aquila British School


The Aquila School’s Strategic Governance Group (SGG) is established to provide consultation and support in relation to the strategic leadership of the school.  The remit is, broadly, regarding vision, direction and leadership and provides an opportunity for school managers to receive advice, guidance and support from families, community representatives and ISP colleagues.

The SGG is established to:

  1. Seek and thoughtfully considers stakeholders’ views and, consequently, gain comprehensive and accurate knowledge about the school.
  2. Systematically and very effectively monitor the school’s actions and hold senior leaders to account for the quality of the school’s performance, the achievements and personal development of all students. It acts as a highly effective and constructive critic for the school.
  3. Make a significant contribution to the school’s leadership and direction, based on ethical principles.

SGG Membership 2020/21

Wayne Howsen, Principal

Kylie Clemworth, Head of Primary

Adam Cunningham, Non-teaching staff

Jane Eagle, Teacher

Amy Eaton, Teacher

Ryan Daly, Finance & Administration Manager

Bharat Mansukhani, ISP Middle East Managing Director

Abigail Fishbourne, ISP School Improvement Partner

Peter Mortimer, Parent

Sara Shaban, Parent

Kerry Westcott-Stewart, Parent