Secondary School | Best International School in Dubai


The Aquila School currently offers secondary provision for pupils up to Year 9 and will grow to offer Year 10 in September 2022 (subject to KHDA approval). The Aquila School will grow by one additional year group per new academic year.

The ethos and high levels of pastoral care established in the primary school follow through to the secondary school, with young people’s ability to develop resilience, approach challenges positively, and work collaboratively for the good of the whole community being central to their learning.

Our secondary school teaching provides challenge whilst enabling our pupils to see meaningful links in their learning.

Our secondary pupils have the opportunity to explore and collaborate in specialist learning areas, such as design workshops, science laboratories and the learning hub, which are incorporated into day-to-day learning to enhance their learning experiences.


Empowering children to make choices is integral to our work and this includes the provision of CAS activities. Therefore, we involve the children in deciding what activities are on offer each term. All of our teaching staff offer a weekly activity for all pupils. These activities are free of charge. A selection of paid CAS activities are available to pupils who wish to pursue other CAS opportunities. 

We will also offer the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme and other opportunities to serve the local community in future years.