School Re-opening Plans

School Re-opening Plans

Dear Families,

We are really excited to see the children back at school at the end of this month.

You will be aware that when school re-starts, we will be focusing on the safety and well-being of our community as we settle into new routines and different ways of working, while ensuring that children are having amazing learning and are in school as much as possible. The local regulator has published detailed guidelines for schools – we have prepared and submitted a plan that follows this guidance.

Some measures to help keep our community safe include:

  • Thermal screening cameras for the four entrances we will use
  • We have had a range of signs and floor markings produced exclusively for us with Aquila the parrot reminding us to keep a safe distance, to wash our hands and where to line up etc
  • We have increased the cleaning capacity in school
  • We have installed Perspex shields in the reception and finance offices

We hope this Welcome Pack will help in supporting your child in getting ready to come back to school.

As always if you have any queries at any stage please do get in touch.

Wayne Howsen, Principal


Useful links:

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