Launching a New School

Teaching is a rewarding and varied career, every term, every day, every hour is different and full of surprises. Despite this, unique opportunities such as founding a brand-new school are hard to come by so we are excited, delighted and honoured to be the founding...

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SEAL in the classroom – is it essential?

At the risk of stating the obvious – children come to school to learn. They learn a myriad of things – which can broadly be placed into three categories – the learning of knowledge, the learning of skills and the learning of attitudes. Traditionally schools were set...

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Should attendance be mandatory throughout school?

As an experienced primary school Headteacher, over the years I have amassed a set of catchphrases that the children and staff would be able to recite with ease - as they are things I say so often. One of these is "in our school, every lesson counts”, and “children who...

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