14 May – Textbooks and Worksheets

It is always a pleasure meeting families and talking to them about learning and what we at The Aquila School mean when we walk about amazing learning. Families repeatedly tell me that when visiting schools they often leave with more questions than answers. Having been...

20th April – Uniform

Several months ago Kylie and I were tasked with designing the school uniform for The Aquila School. This has been an exciting and interesting learning experience for us as there are so many factors to consider. The first was suitability. At The Aquila School, we are...

April 12th

This week the opening of The Aquila School has started to feel imminent – and I have no doubt that the coming weeks will fly by - we are so excited about welcoming the very first Aquila children. The opening now seems close as we have moved into a part of...

March 27th

As a new school we are spending a lot of time talking to families about what The Aquila School will offer and how we will differ from other British schools in the region. A subject that comes up time and time again is homework. I often turn the tables...

This weekend, The Aquila School

This weekend, The Aquila School – alongside many other schools and nurseries in Dubai – attended the Schools and Nursery Show at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel to promote our school to prospective families. Driving home, I thought about how daunting making such...


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