Preparing your child for coming to school for the first time

We know that starting school can be very traumatic not only for children but also for mums and dad as well. As for many families, the last three years or so have been spent learning, developing and spending many hours together.  For some children, the thought of being away from mum and dad in a different environment is terrifying in the same way for some mums and dads leaving their beloved son or daughter in the care of other adults is an equally daunting thought.

At The Aquila School, we recognise that every family and every child is different and we are committed to working with every family to ensure that the transition of joining school is as happy, smooth and positive as possible. Part of this involves the school working closely with the family even before the term has begun through sharing information and giving families the opportunity to have a home visit, whereby the class teacher meets your child in their home environment. Not only does this enable the teacher to understand the interests and needs of the child, it makes the child feel more at ease when they start school as the very same adult will be there to meet and greet them.

With this in mind, here are our top tips to make sure your child is ready to start school for the first time in September.

  1. Do everything you can to ensure your child is able to go to the toilet themselves
  2. Go on a picnic with your child with their new school lunchboxes so they are used to eating out of them and can open and close them
  3. Let them dress themselves.  It doesn’t matter if their clothes are wonky or their buttons are not aligned, what is important is that it is encouraging your child to be independent
  4. Teach your child how to put their own shoes on and which feet they go on (stickers inside really help with this!). Children need to wear shoes they can put on themselves so if they can’t tie laces please don’t buy them shoes with laces.
  5. We know that during the holiday’s routines sometimes fall by the wayside so in the days leading up to the start of term ensure your child goes to bed early and gets up at the same time they will have to when term begins.
  6. Talk positively about school.
  7. Have your children used to sharing and talking about books with you.
  8. Label everything your child wears or brings to school.
  9. Ensure your child has a healthy breakfast every morning, this will keep your child alert and active during the day.
  10. Accept that when your child comes home from school they may wish to be quiet or play, don’t question them too much about their day at school they will talk about it if and when they are ready.