Dear Family,

Welcome to the very first newsletter for The Aquila School to be issued on our app.

This has been a monumental week for our school as it is the first week that the whole staff have been together.

We started the week by having two days of training at a local hotel – sharing our vision for the school and ensuring that all staff – regardless of their role – have a clear understanding of what matters in our school. For the last two days, we have all been in our civvies making the learning areas as organised and inspirational as we can. We have achieved so much in a very short space of time and will be working very hard over the weekend too so that we are as ready as possible to provide amazing learning for our children next week.

We have enjoyed seeing families and children come into school and we were delighted to see so many people at our welcome meeting yesterday.

As promised – and for those families who were not able to come along – here are the key points we talked about –

  • We reminded families about what matters in our school – keeping children safe, making sure they are happy, making sure they make as much progress as possible through amazing learning plus keeping in close contact with families.
  • We went through the two handbooks – and reminded families to send an email to reception@ and the class teacher no later than 7.40 if your child is off – if we do not hear from you by this date we will have to call you and the absence will be unauthorised – this is because we need to know your child is safe
  • On the first day – children need a packed lunch and their school uniform – FS children should come into the FS entrance and older children the main entrance. At the end of the day we will open the doors just before home time for families to collect their children from the classroom.
  • The Tuck Shop Café and Parrot Café will start opening mid September – we will keep families posted
  • Families who have applied were able to collect their parent passes at the meeting. Others will be available for collection from reception. Families with no pass will need to sign in at the gate and collect a visitor pass in exchange for photo ID. This can be swopped back upon leaving
  • We have out a list of PE and swimming days – attached. Swimming will start mid September – until then children will have two pe lessons so should bring their PE kit on swimming days
  • The only way we communicate with families sis via the school app – available from Schoolzine
  • Aliaa is available to collect documentation in school every day
  • Look at the app to find out when the parent information meeting is – an opportunity to meet your child’s teacher and find our what they will be learning this year
  • Information about CAS activities will be in the next newsletter on 6 September
  • Family helpers – helping hands – are welcome in school to help with class activities and trip when needed by the teachers. All helping hands must be trained – details are on the school app.
  • As a community school we will have a community organisation – Friends of The Aquila School. Details of the inaugural meeting are on the app
  • Bus arrangements -we are still rehearsing the bus routes – at the meeting Harriet gave out initial pick up and drop off times – harriet will send to any family who was not there

The meeting ended with a tour of the school led by our teachers.

You can access the following documents on the Schoolzine App in the forms and documents section:

A medical consent form – please complete and send to – so we can cross check with the information you provided when you applied

A list of school phone numbers and email addresses

A list of PE and swimming days

We are very excited to see your children next week – please don’t late – learning begins at 7.45 so be here before then!!!!