Dear Family,

Welcome to the 10th edition of our newsletter. In 65 days we will be opening our doors to welcome our very first Aquila children into school – we are very excited and we hope you are too! We know for you many of you currently at school in Dubai this is your last day at school, we hope you have a fantastic summer and we look forward to seeing you after the summer holidays. Our newsletters will continue during the summer break so please keep an eye out for our latest updates.

Monthly Feature

Improving your child’s English

Lots of families we meet are concerned about their child’s level of English and how they will cope in an English speaking school. This is a concern that families have all over the world, even in the UK! We know that children are very adaptable and pick things up very quickly – much more quickly than adults! All of our teachers at The Aquila School are experienced at working with children who have English as an additional language and know ways to engage and motivate the children and assure they are able to learn at their own level. We promise you that you will be amazed at how your child adapts to being immersed in the English language and how quickly they begin to understand and use English.

Here are some top tips if your child is in the early stages of learning English-

  • If you are not confident speaking in English, why not join an English class yourself, then you and your child can learn together
  • Share stories in English
  • Sing songs together- there are lots of English songs and nursery rhymes that your child will love joining in with.
  • Watch a child’s TV programme or movie in English
  • Organise play dates with other children who speak English
  • Don’t push your child, they will start to use the language when they are ready- children internalise, process and understand far more than they are able to speak.

Building Update

Safety First!

A lovely surprise greeted us when we came to school after the weekend- the builders have been very busy and started to pave our driveway and install our boundary walls and fences. Safety is of paramount importance at The Aquila School, all of our enrolled families should now have received an application form to apply for parent passes, please ensure you complete these and return to our registrar so we can have your parent passes ready for the first day of term.

Staff Update

Reanne Walker – Primary Teacher

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Reanne Walker as one of the founding teachers at The Aquila School. Reanne currently teaches in London and we have received amazing references saying how she makes learning interesting and relevant to the children while ensuring every child makes as much progress as possible. When we first interviewed Reanne in November, we instantly knew she would be ideal for Aquila as her philosophy of education and understanding of how children learn best align completely with our vision for The Aquila School. We know that in her part time Reanne writes articles about music and fashion so we look forward to her inspiring Aquila children to be amazing writers.


School Café

Last week we announced our first opportunity for Aquila children and families to be involved in making decisions about our school. We asked you to pick the name of our community café which will be open in our main reception area from 7.30am until 4pm each day. After counting all of the votes we are delighted to announce that our café will be called The Parrot Café.


This week we have finalised our class names for our very first Aquila classes. These will change each year and in the future, the children will be involved in choosing what theme the names come from, it could be famous people, animals, places or even cheeses!
Our classes in September will be:

FS1 Explorers
FS2 Designers
FS2 Makers
Year 1 Trailblazers
Year 2 Inventors
Year 3 Engineers
Year 4 Innovators
Years 5/6 Entrepreneurs


Meet our two newest Aquila Children Ariadni and Achilleas. They were so excited when they visited the this week that they even road tested our uniform – giving it the tick of approval! We are pleased to announce our uniform shop will be open in the school on the 25th of August. From the 25th – 30th of August the shop will be open between 10 am and 3 pm, and every Sunday and Wed during term time from 8 am until 3:30pm.


Community Bus Offer

Did you know we offer a free community bus for founding students? We have limited spaces available and are subject to confirmation of enrolment and location. Contact our Admissions team on +971 50 788 7207 or to find out more.

Refer a Friend!

At The Aquila School, we recognise that parents and friends are the best ambassadors for our unique style of learning and community-minded environment. To support this, we are rewarding all enrolled families with an extra 5% off your child’s tuition fees if you refer a friend to join The Aquila School.