Dear Family,

Welcome to the 14th edition of our newsletter. There are 37 days until our doors open and we welcome our very first Aquila children.

This week we have an exciting announcement to make. In line with our vision to provide amazing learning and to have Dubai at the heart of the curriculum, as well as encouraging children to become motivated and independent learners we are going to have biodomes on our school grounds. Every child will have their organic growing station within the dome and will be taught to grow a range of produce over the year. This will combine hydroponics and traditional spoil based growing and once fully established we expect to produce hundreds of kilograms of produce every month. This is an extraordinary amount of food and in the long term we may be able to use this for enterprise projects and maybe even for our school lunches. The growing stations will be interlinked with a small stream taking water from our school pond and the power will be provided by solar panels. This technology is very modern and innovative. The same company has installed similar growing facilities in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi.

This morning we went inside the school site and were delighted to see how much has changed in the last few weeks. The swimming pool has water in it and the sports hall markings are being painted on.

Staff Update

Mrs. Warda – Arabic Teacher

We are delighted to announce that Mrs. Warda joins The Aquila school with substantial experience of teaching for more than 10 years in the Middle East and in Dubai since 2011 in an outstanding school as an Arabic teacher for nonnatives. Her philosophy of teaching is based on a belief that learning needs to be child-centered. She truly believes in active learning because the knowledge gained through active participation stays with an individual for a lifetime

Further Updates

As each day passes we make greater progress in getting our school ready to open in a few weeks time. Last week we had our first furniture shipment and this week our very first library books have arrived. There are quite literally this week our very first library books have arrived. There are quite literally thousands of books which we will use to encourage our children to have a love of reading. We have also finished our IT subscriptions. We have spent a long time looking at different computer programs and apps to support learning. There are so many available so we have been able to choose those which we know will support amazing learning in our school. Examples of subscriptions we have taken out for our pupils include- busy things, IXL maths and linguscope for Spanish.


Community Bus Offer

Did you know we offer a free community bus for founding students? We have limited spaces available and are subject to confirmation of enrolment and location. Contact our Admissions team on +97 150 788 7207 or to find out more contact:

Refer a Friend!

At The Aquila School, we recognise that parents and friends are the best ambassadors for our unique style of learning and community-minded environment. To support this, we are rewarding all enrolled families with an extra 5% off your child’s tuition fees if you refer a friend to join The Aquila School.