Dear Family,

An end – and a beginning

This is the last time we will be sending a newsletter in this format. From the week after Eid – there will be a weekly newsletter on our app highlighting amazing learning across the school as well as celebrating what is happening and what has been happening in our busy school. In addition, we will send a monthly newsletter in the same format as this one as a way of letting the wider community know about what is taking place and how our community school is growing and developing.

It is almost eighteen months since Kylie and I first started working together to plan for the opening of the Aquila School – basing our work on a plan written by Christine Simmonds. Since then we have worked hard to ensure that the decisions we have made about the school – in terms of giving children choices in their learning, making the curriculum relevant and engaging for children, ensuring that the school fixtures and fittings are of a high quality – are all in line with Christine’s vision of a school that is at the heart of the community and provides what has become one of our school mottos ‘ real learning for a real future’.

Since that time, our team has grown steadily with key members such as marketing, admissions, finance, HR, and facilities joining us along the way. Last week I looked back at our interview notes and was amazed to see that in the last few months we have interviewed almost 400 people for different posts in our school. This is because we know that the success of the school will be due to the quality of our staff and how well they work together as part of a community and – regardless of their role – they understand that the safety and care of the children is our number one priority, coupled with providing children with amazing learning. We have kept in regular contact with our team members while they are waiting to join us to help them understand what we are working towards and to make the transition into a new school easy. We are so excited
that the rest of the team will join us on 26th August for a final week of training before we welcome children for the first time.

As mentioned in recent newsletters everything is nearly ready. I walked around the school yesterday – furniture was in the classrooms, last minute paintwork was being finished and the counters in our community café – The Parrot Café – were being installed.

There will be no newsletter next week due to the Eid break – Aquila Families can keep an eye out for our fits newsletter on the app (Schoolzine) on 30th August and other community members will receive our community newsletter sometime in September.

Staff Update

Saffron Gallarotti

Due to increasing numbers in our FS classes, we are opening an additional FS class – and we are delighted to have been able to appoint a very experienced teacher from the UK who is able to join us from the start of next term – Miss Gallarotti. As well as having recent teaching experience in the UK. Miss Gallarotti has a masters in Psychology”

Principal Wayne Howsen and Head of Primary Kylie Cleworth both interviewed Miss Gallarotti on separate occasions but were united in being impressed with her knowledge of how children learn best and how to ensure children make as much progress as possible”

Miss Gallarotti says

“I am delighted to be joining The Aquila School as I will be part of the development and progression of a brand new school! I look forward to creating meaningful and engaging learning experiences for the children at our school”

Words from Nishita our Projects Director

I would like to welcome all our families who have signed up to join the Amazing Learning journey that The Aquila School, as part of our global ISP family – will experience

My name is Nishita and I have been involved in this project since February and have enjoyed seeing the school take shape over the past few months. The building has developed before our eyes and the work that has gone into setting up the school has been incredible, ensuring all furniture, resources, playground equipment to name just a few are in place for the opening of the school.

We have also worked to develop corporate partnerships with organisations to encourage employees families to be a part of our family. We have been successful in being a member of the Emirates and Fly Dubai Platinum Card Program. We have also partnered with Danube, Dubai Police and are continuously working on getting partnerships with other large organisations. We are proud to offer the opportunity to these organisations to provide their employees with the option of joining our brand new school with remarkable facilities. We have also partnered with International Cricket Council Academy, who will provide our students with cricket services and coaching. This International Academy will enable our students to be exposed to international cricket at a level enjoyed by few schools in UAE.

We trust you will enjoy the journey with us, as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Nishita Mankad
Project Manager ISP ME


Free School Lunch

We know that children learn best when they are properly nourished with good, healthy food, and our school lunch provider – who will also be serving food and drink in our community café – The Aquila Café – will ensure that the food we provide is tasty and wholesome. As well as our free bus for two years and founders discount – we have an additional offer – free school lunches for September and October for any child who enrols during the month of August – so if you know of anyone still looking for a school please get them to get in so if you know of anyone still looking for a school please get them to get in touch – we would love to meet them!

Community Bus Offer

Did you know we offer a free community bus for founding students? We have limited spaces available and are subject to confirmation of enrolment and location. Contact our Admissions team on +971 50 788 7207 or to find out more

Refer a Friend!

At The Aquila School, we recognise that parents and friends are the best ambassadors for our unique style of learning and community-minded environment. To support this, we are rewarding all enrolled families with an extra 5% off your child’s tuition fees if you refer a friend to join The Aquila School.

Key Dates

Mon 27 Aug – Last day to sign up for the school bus

Wed 29 Aug, 2.30 pm – Meeting for all families

Sun 2 Sep – Term begins