Mr. Andrew May - Year 3 Class Teacher

Ensuring the spark is still there

Home learning has presented us as a school, as a class group and as individuals with a unique challenge that very few of us could have predicted a few months ago. However, I couldn’t be prouder of the way my Year 3 Discoverers class have responded to the opportunities and overcome many of the potential barriers so far in our journey of amazing home learning.

Initially, we had to get over the initial shock of the situation. The children had already been using software such as ‘Google Classroom’ and ‘Read Theory’ through the school year, but now we needed to use it in a much more immersive manner.

In my home learning lessons, I try to include all the ‘spark’ that we normally have in the classroom, so my videos are full of over the top gestures, jokes and as much interesting, yet relevant, content I can find around my apartment. For example, the plush tiger I won in Blackpool last summer, became a ferocious sabre tooth tiger as the children were learning how a fossil is formed! It’s also been fun thinking back to my own time at school, as I edit the videos together just like in the ICT lessons that I had more than a dozen years ago.

But it’s not about me, it’s about the fantastic children and their brilliant families who support them. It’s great to see everyone, in the morning, for the registration session and whether we’re talking about what we can see on our balcony, showing off dogs or singing Happy Birthday, it’s always a nice activity each morning. I know it’s not the same as being in the classroom together, but we must be so grateful that technology allows us to stay connected as a class.

The live lessons provide a great way for me to assess what the children have learned from my videos as well, allowing for targeted questioning and allowing the children the opportunity to extend and show off the amazing learning they have done throughout the week.

I’d also like to say a massive thank you to all parents who are reading this. We appreciate all the extra you are doing at home with your children and I can’t wait to see everyone in person to thoroughly congratulate you all.

Missing you but hope you’re keeping safe and well.

Mr. May.