We believe that children need more control over their learning to develop a real love of it as this will support them through every step of their lives.

By engaging our students in critical thinking and problem-solving activities and exposing them to a diverse range of learning opportunities, their confidence and resilience levels are built, enabling them to grow into adaptable young adults capable of embracing the challenges of the future.

Our Mission

The Aquila School’s mission is to provide children with amazing learning experiences, and to ensure every child loves coming to school and makes as much progress as possible.


What Matters At The Aquila School

  1. Our children are safe, supervised and well cared for at all times- children know that the first priority of every adult in school is their well being
  2. Amazing learning is key, lessons are enjoyable and relevant
  3. Every child makes as much progress as possible and teachers are held to account
  4. We want all children to develop a love of reading
  5. Teachers are empowered to teach the children what they need to know
  6. We celebrate and respect the culture, traditions, heritage and future plans of the host nation
  7.  We are a community school- courteous and respectful relationships are key to our success

The Aquila School Vision Statement

‘Real Learning for a Real Future’

The Aquila School aims to be an inclusive school that has amazing learning at its heart.

Our children will be independent, creative, caring and resilient, able to make decisions and solve problems through enquiry.

Our staff will work tirelessly to ensure that every child makes as much progress as possible and that lessons are engaging, memorable, fun and relevant, underpinned by academic rigour

As a community school we work closely together, valuing happiness and school connectedness, guiding families on how to help their children at home, to provide the very best education possible and ensuring that children love coming to school.