Miss Elizabeth Howden - Year 1 Class Teacher

More connected than ever

As I am writing this from my new makeshift home office – I have just finished talking to my class about their weekend in our daily live registration. This live registration time, in my eyes, is the best way to start my days during these challenging times. Teaching is a vocation. You chose to become a teacher not for fame and fortune, but to make small positive impacts on 25+ children’s little lives each year. You become a teacher to see them grow, progress and develop into amazing young people year on year. You become a teacher to see them smile, laugh and even some times get upset, and you’re with them through it all, their peaks and troughs.  Without that daily social interaction, in person, sometimes all those emotions becomes difficult and challenging. So seeing the little faces of my class, who I miss dearly, starts the day right and gets me set to prepare amazing learning for them.

I have loved and disliked many aspects of home learning. The obvious dislike is not getting to be in school with the children. But from this experience I have been fortunate enough to understand them on a much deeper level. I now appreciate their home life much more, which has given me a holistic understanding of not only their educational background but also their physical, emotional and psychological growth. I have loved meeting their siblings and new baby brothers and sisters. I have loved meeting their pets, their favourite toys and hearing about what they did last night with their mums, dads and aunties.  Because of the online live lessons, I can visualize and imagine more clearly the fun that they have had. Although there is a physical distance between us, I feel as though I have a closer connection to them now, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

I cannot wait to get back to school and see my 20 favourite little human beings again and I am sure they cannot wait to see me too.

Miss Howden.