Improving your child's English

Lots of families we meet are concerned about their child’s level of English and how they will cope in an English speaking school.  This is a concern that families have all over the world, even in the UK!

We know that children are very adaptable and pick things up very quickly – much more quickly than adults!  All of our teachers at The Aquila School are experienced at working with children who have English as an additional language and know ways to engage and motivate the children and assure they are able to learn at their own level. We promise you that you will be amazed at how your child adapts to being immersed in the English language and how quickly they begin to understand and use English.

Here are some top tips if your child is in the early stages of learning English-

  • If you are not confident speaking in English, why not join an English class yourself, then you and your child can learn together
  • Share stories in English
  • Sing songs together- there are lots of English songs and nursery rhymes that your child will love joining in with
  • Watch a child’s TV programme or movie in English
  • Organise play dates with other children who speak English
  • Don’t push your child, they will start to use the language when they are ready- children internalise, process and understand far more than they are able to speak.