Educational Scholarships at The Aquila School


The Aquila School Scholarship Programme is designed to recognise and foster excellence in the classroom, the sports field, and beyond. Our bespoke programme aligns with our core value of personalisation, enabling our young people to explore their interests and talents, and harness exceptional potential in areas of strength and are referred to as our Secondary Scholarship Programme.

Pupils enrolled on our scholarship programme will be given reduced fees so that families can re-invest this saving into specialist tuition or support in the area that they excel. Scholarship recipients will also receive an enhanced enrichment programme, detailed below:

  •  Bespoke, ‘invitation-only’ access to visits, workshops, and lectures.
  • An allocated learning mentor, and regular mentor meetings.
  • Access to enhanced skill development workshops.
  • Regular target reviews with relevant senior staff

Secondary Scholarships

Criteria for All Scholars: 2 references

African Grey Scholars – Academic Scholars

  • Pupils applying as African Grey Scholars should be able to demonstrate strong all-round academic performance across the core subjects, enabling them to think critically and problem solve.
  • The scholarship is named after the African Grey Parrot, as they are the smartest species of parrot, and have a great learning curve.

Additional Criteria for Academic Scholars

  • CAT4 SAS score = or > 130
  • For pupils applying for Years 7 to 11: GL Progress Test data to be Stanine 8 or above in English, Maths and or Science
  • For pupils applying for Year 12: 10 or more GCSEs taken with scores of 7-9’s or A to A*

Macaw Scholars – Performing Art Scholars

  • Pupils applying to be Macaw Scholars are expected to demonstrate artistic talent and creativity both at home and school. They should be able to showcase a range of work across singing, dancing and acting.
  • The scholarship is named after the Macaw Parrot as they are a combination of beauty and brains and are great with words and tricks.

Additional Criteria for Performing Arts Scholars 

  • Pupil should have evidence of performances in dance, acting and/or singing
  • Or any notable awards received

Budgerigar Scholars – Sports scholars

  • Pupils applying to be Budgerigar Scholars are expected to be committed, enthusiastic energetic sports people who may excel in one sport and are highly proficient in many sports.
  • The scholarship is named after the Budgerigar Parrot which can be trained to learn many things with a long-term commitment.

Additional Criteria for Sports Scholars

  • Pupil should have achieved national/international sporting representative honours in at least 1 of the following sports – Football, Swimming, Basketball, Cricket, Netball, Golf, Rugby, Volleyball, Athletics, Tennis.
    Valid for the last 2 years Or any notable awards received.

Amazon Scholars – Public Speaking Scholars

  • Pupils applying to be Amazon Scholars should be confident speakers who are able to hold an audience and deliver a key message.
  • The scholarship is named after the Amazon Parrot which is hailed by many bird experts as some of the best talkers. They can develop exceptionally large vocabularies and seem to have more clarity in their speech than many other species.

Additional Criteria for Public Speaking Scholars

  • Pupil should have evidence of participation in MUN / WSC / TEDx / Debate etc. and be prepared to be asked present on a given topic at interview
  • Or any notable awards received

Eclectus Scholars – Music Scholars

  • Pupils applying to be Eclectus Scholars are expected to demonstrate musical talent and creativity. Ideally, they should be able to showcase a range of instruments and have performed at various events.
  • The scholarship is named after the Eclectus Parrot as they have a melodious voice. It can hum tunes and mimic various sounds.

Additional Criteria for Music Scholars

  • Pupil should have achieved Grade 6 in at least 1 musical instrument through Trinity or ABRSM Valid in the last 3 years
  • Evidence of solo live performance outside of school
  • Or any notable awards received

All scholarships are renewable yearly, except Academic Scholarships. Scholarships may be revoked if behaviour, punctuality or attendance is poor.

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