Award Winning Author Continues to Inspire at our School

At The Aquila School we not only have amazing pupils, but we have amazing teachers as well.

We are very lucky to have Mr Musab Biroutieh, one of our Arabic teachers, working in our school. Mr Biroutieh has recently launched his third published book entitled, I Touch the Wind – a story about love, homeland and emotions. The book is written in Arabic and can be found in our very own Aquila library.

I Touch the Wind was launched recently at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, which was attended by a number of important UAE Culture figures, such as the Chairman of the Emirates Writers Union, Dr. Sultan Al-Amimi  and the former Sudanese Minister of Culture, Rawda Al-Hajj as well as many well-known poets and writers in the UAE. Mr Biroutieh attended the event and took part in a book signing.

“I was very happy to sign my book at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair. It is one of the most important exhibitions in the Arab world. I was very happy and proud that many important people attended the exhibition, such as the Sudanese Minister of Culture, Rawda Al-Hajj, and the head of the Emirates Writers Union, Sultan Al-Amimi”. – Mr Musab Biroutieh

Our Principal, Wayne Howsen, congratulated Mr Biroutieh on this most recent publication, and said,

“In our school as well as valuing children to read – we want children to love reading – so it is a privilege to have Mr Musab – a published poet – in our school as a positive role model to promote a love of reading and an enjoyment of Arabic poetry”. – Mr Wayne Howsen, Principal.

Last year Mr. Biroutieh was recognized with the Sharjah Arab Creativity award for his contribution to children’s literature. In 2015, along with being a finalist on the Prince of Poetry programme on Abu Dhabi TV, Mr Biroutieh also won the Sharjah Arab Creativity award for his poetry. He is a published poet, who often performs his poetry throughout the Emirate. Most recently he penned an original poem about the UAE, as part of the ISP Poetry Competition. You can hear the poem here.

When asked about his passion for writing he said,

“Writing represents a window through which I look at life. It is very important to keep up with this passion, because it grows the more you move it. The more you plant the seeds of words in it, it bears fruit, ripens and rises. In fact, I have within me a message that I want to present to society through poetry, which is the message of love and tolerance.”