All of our children will learn Arabic and Social Studies in line with UAE law. 

Arabic Language Studies

Learning the Arabic language at The Aquila School plays an important role in our children’s lives. We believe that development of the Arabic language is crucial for both cognitive development and the maintenance of cultural identity.

The curriculum framework at The Aquila School is based on the UAE national curriculum and is concept- and inquiry-based. It is designed to help stimulate learning.

Arabic is compulsory for Arab nationals. Arabic as a foreign language will be taught from FS1. We also believe that a concerted focus on developing reading and writing in Arabic is needed to ensure good progress. Successful learning in these subjects, as any other, depends heavily on high quality teaching. Just as we will enhance the curriculum in other subjects, so will we ensure the learning of Arabic is inspiring and relevant to students.

Islamic Studies

All Muslim students will study Islamic Education. It is essential for all Muslim students to develop a deeper understanding of the Islamic concepts and knowledge. The Aquila School believes that Islamic Studies promotes the development of student’s emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.

Islamic Studies is taught with a view toward providing the highest possible standard of Islamic education and to develop critical thinkers and independent, responsible citizens.