The Aquila School views CAS (community, action and service) activities as an integral part of the education of our students.

We offer a wide range of CAS activities – mostly after school, some before school – that aim to introduce children to potential hobbies, develop skills in sports, provide language learning and inspire an interest in areas that perhaps they would not be exposed to through their day to day learning.

Every teacher will run a different activity, and children from Year 2 upwards will be able to select from our CAS activities each term. We will ask the children what they would like and we will ensure there is a range of sporting, cultural and creative activities. Examples of activities which will be included in our tuition fees could include such diverse offerings from sports to African drumming, to Arabic Calligraphy, Qur’an club and musical theatre.

In addition to these included activities the school will offer further specialist activities on a payment basis from a local third party provider.

The school also plans to offer a breakfast and after school club service to support the needs or working families.


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